17.01.15. Linrec's modification which is much simpler in realization is at the moment developed, it can be collected in the existing laboratories within a year and it is much less in sizes and cost. Data before patenting can't be published. The principles of a new design of Linrec can't be found in already published materials - including materials published on this site.

04.05.15. At the moment Linrec exists in the theory so far. The reason why real work on Linrec didn't begin yet is impossibility to get the patent of Linrec design in the current situation. Without patent the investors don't invest money, besides, disclosure of design before its patenting can lead to using Linrec by undesirable forces. The author is ready to patent Linrec in the USA and the EU - the countries having potential for full implementation of the project. But the author, being in Ukraine, can't earn money for the international patenting. By measures of the developed countries, these are small money, but for honest work in Ukraine this money is unreal. Paradox - project with potential profit in billions are slowed down due to the lack of opportunity to earn twenty thousand.

31.10.15. Often somebody is asking why the author won't publish a full design of the reactor Linrek. Because it won't do good. Open information will be used in the purposes of that who at the moment has more power and more money. Who is sure, that in this case Linrek will work for the benefit of people, but not for destruction of the planet and enslavement of people? I am not sure. Therefore information will be published only after patenting and the beginning of works. If someone doubts – please look: what is changed after discovery of electricity, an internal combustion engine, planes, atomic energy. Whether became wars less, whether each person is free now, whether the ecology improved? No. I want to patent an effective design of Linrek and to carry out the project with profit – money is necessary to me for creation of the new city in which there will not be evil – and practice shows that if not to carry out it by own forces, nobody will help. Besides, imagine that the project is carried out without author (sure, it will be so if I publish an effective design of Linrek). Whether there will be successful and fair a project, cornerstone of that obvious injustice is?

04.01.16. This site, , don’t contain the design of effective Linrec reactor. Site contains only general principle of Linrec reactor and general elementary method of calculation of Linrec efficiency. Also there is no publication in the world of similar design like effective Linrec. The concrete design of the effective reactor Linrec can be published only after patenting. The scheme of the effective reactor Linrec has four innovations in comparison with published one and the proof of power efficiency.

12.01.16. The Reactor Linrec project is stopped for all the time while the author is in the territory of Ukraine. The reason – the local legislation doesn't allow freely (without a possibility of dishonest putting to secret) to submit the application for obtaining the patent in other countries (Article 37. Patenting of the invention (useful model) in the foreign states. Law of Ukraine On protection of the rights for inventions and useful models). And also due to widespread theft of intellectual property. Though Ukraine has joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and in the same Law of protection of the rights for inventions there is an article 4 establishing PCT priority, article 37 denies the RO/IB PCT procedure of filing of PCT Application without Ukrpatent. Because of negligence (or evil intention?) of jurists the technical progress is slowed down and the intellectual property is stolen from authors.

02.07.16. The final design of Linrec reactor isn't disclosed yet, but this design was already stolen at the level of the drawing of the schematic diagram! On the page we can see impudently stolen drawing of the schematic diagram with a copyright sign. Therefore there is no speech about any disclosure of a final design – before justice establishment.

29.08.16 At 19.08.2016 the violator have deleted my text and my drawing from his site. The video of copyright violation is available on

05.08.17 More than 4 years have passed since the time when I published an article with the proof of the perspective of a linear thermonuclear reactor on counter plasma beams. And more than 2 years have passed since the time when I get a scheme of the Linrec-2 reactor, which differs from previously published approximately the way a sports electric car differs from a Persian chariot. During this time, the reactor could already start work and start the process of deliverance of the global warming and pollution of the planet.
In Ukraine, this project has been hampered by local legislation, economic reasons and local public consciousness. For me personally, this meant persecution, slander and impossibility to work.
Since January 2017 I have been in Poland, since April 2017 - in Denmark. Unfortunately, the attitude towards the project in these countries is not much different from what was happening in Ukraine. Quite a lot of competent people in developed countries are aware of the Linrec-2 project, the scheme of which has not yet been disclosed because it is impossible to file a patent application. In the absence of complete information, someone estimates the probability that Linrec-2 is the solution for the design of a fusion reactor that will really become the basis of the future energy industry, as 50%, someone as 10%, and someone as 90%. But at the same time there was not a single country and no one person with sufficient resources to support the project on an honest partnership basis. Although there is too many people who try to steal this project, to seize the information through deception or by pressure using power on the brink of crime, by espionage in all these countries. One gets the impression that some people on the planet Earth will prefer the complete destruction of this planet if they are not allowed to steal, deceive and demonstrate their superiority over another humans on this planet.
The only hope is that there are people with a different mindset on the Earth yet.

24.10.17. The article "New deciphering of Gobekli Tepe" was written on the 10/16/2017, and the next day was published on Facebook . This is the beginning of the decoding of the symbols of the world's oldest temple. This publication does not mean that the author stopped the Linrec project and only dealt with the history of civilization. This is an illustration for those who doubt the breakthrough and novelty of the new Linrec-2 reactor.
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